Sports Training

Group and Team Training


Paradigm Performance Center was created to provide an elite and positive environment where athletes can elevate their skills to a higher level.  Each athlete is evaluated on functional movement patterns allowing for prioritization of the training system specific to each individual athlete. We will isolate any dysfunctions and establish corrective movement patterns using focused methods and strategies. Additionally, specific movement patterns will be activated to practice and refine movement skills for performance. Integration of specific movement patterns at speeds, forces and direction relevant to the athletes sport and life. The Coaches strive to promote a culture that nurtures passion, focus and positivity for athletes of all ages. Teams of all sports are welcome to come train with us. We will put a program together for your group or team that focuses on your sport and the movements needed to thrive in that sport. 

Private Training

Dr Stu’s proven techniques help to improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury. His niche is elite athletic movement performance. We will custom-design a training for you and help you to restore, rebuild and refine you as an elite athlete by integrating our 4 Pillar System. For those of you that are looking to reach peak performance, that college scholarship, reaching for the pro status, or already a Pro, come Train2Perform with us.  Dr. Stu has worked with many professional athletes.

Movement Performance Training


Enviable transitional movement (change of direction) achieved through precise balance, force generation, and speed of deceleration help our athletes get the most out of any movement they want to own. We define our performance less through numbers than through feel. There is nothing like the power generated by an athlete – pure, effortless, and quick. It is accelerated engineering of the human body. Movement is not simply for style, it is also important for an athlete to overcome the forces of nature. Efficiency of movement is not only how we create momentum in our bodies, it is an extension of our commitment to performance.  Dr Stu’s work as a movement specialist can help any individual or athlete find that efficiency in movement that creates limitless power.